How do I flash my flight controller with latest borisB firmware?

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asked Feb 6, 2016 by JRocca (320 points)

Where is the best website to download the latest borisB firmware?
And once downloaded how to I flash my flight controller with it?

1 Answer

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answered Feb 7, 2016 by Draylon (310 points)

The latest releases of BetaFlight can be found at

  1. Download the relevant firmware (HEX) file for your specific flight controller (e.g. betaflight_NAZE.hex for naze32).
  2. Plug your flight controller into your PC's USB port.
  3. Open CleanFlight configurator, select the "Firmware Flasher" tab.
  4. Select "Load Firmware [Local]" button, selext the hex file.
  5. Select the "Flash Firmware" button.

TIP: You can optionally select "Full chip erase" in step 4 to wipe all existing configuration data, this means you will need to reconfigure your FC settings.