How do I enable telemetry from the flight controller on the X4RSB receiver?

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asked Feb 8, 2016 by cmengler (2,270 points)

How do I connect telemetry from the flight controller to the X4RSB receiver? I'm using a naze32 rev5 FC.

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answered Feb 9, 2016 by cmengler (2,270 points)

The SmartPort (S.Port) telemetry requires a serial RX/TX on the flight controller. The example below is for wiring up the S.Port on the RX to SoftSerial1 on naze32 and configuring CleanFlight to enable flight telemetry.

Connect the S.Port wire (yellow) to both receiver pins 5 and 6 (RC5/RC6), S.Port uses a single wire for TX/RX.

Within CleanFlight, perform the following steps:

  1. Enable feature SOFTSERIAL and TELEMETRY in the Configuration tab, click Save and Reboot.
  2. Select SmartPort and AUTO under the Telemetry section for SOFTSERIAL1 in the Ports tab.
  3. In the CLI tab, enter the following sequence of commands:
    set telemetry_inversion = 1