Why doesn't app find any devices when "detecting devices" keeps running (stuck on that screen but IS connected to Wifi)?

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asked Jul 23, 2018 in PIDflight Lap by TMac (120 points)

Ver 2.2.0 firmware to Arduino using XLOADER without Wifi module connected to PCB ver 2

WiFi set up in accordance with your website: https://wiki.rotoroverflow.com/pidflightlap:wifi#pin-outs

PIDFLIGHT device powereed up with 5v.

Android phone connected to the device’s website through “Settings” on my phone.

PIDFLIGHT app opened on my phone. App verbally says “Connected” to the device website.

App starts searching with “Detecting lap timing devices Please wait.” I do not do anything to make this happen. It starts this on its own I believe.

However, it never finds any lap timing device. It just keeps searching and saying Please Wait.

One steady red light on Arduino and one blinking red light on WiFi module.

I have RX from Wifi module going to TX of PIDFLIGHT Lap PCB rev02 and TX of Wifi module going to RX of PIDFLIGHT Lap PCB rev02

Can you please tell me what I am doing incorrectly? I would very much like to get this PIDFLIGHT Lap Timer up and running, detecting the device, and purchase the premium app. Thank you.

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