How to I make my DX6i master to my slave Taranis X9D+ transmitter for trainer?

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asked Jun 6, 2016 by cmengler (2,270 points)

I want to connect my Taranis TX as a slave to my DX6i transmitter, how should I do this and what are the PPM frame rate settings to use?

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answered Jun 8, 2016 by cmengler (2,270 points)

Taranis setup

  1. MODEL SETUP: Set "Internal RF -> Mode" and "External RF -> Mode" to "OFF".
  2. MODEL SETUP: Set "Trainer Port -> Mode" to "Slave/Jack".
  3. MODEL SETUP: Set "Trainer Port -> Channel Range" to "CH1-6".
  4. MODEL SETUP: Set "Trainer Port -> PPM frame" to "22.5ms 400u -".
  5. MIXER: Ensure "CH1" is "Thr", "CH2" is "Ail", "CH3" is "Ele" and "CH4" is "Rud".
  6. Plug the trainer lead into the Taranis port labelled "DSC".

DX6i setup

  1. Power on the DX6i, ensure the correct model is selected.
  2. Plug the trainer lead into the "Trainer" port on the back of the transmitter.
  3. Toggle the "Trainer" switch to pass through the slave PPM signal. All done.

NOTE #1: When the "Trainer" toggle is activated, there will be no activity displayed on the MONITOR menu due to the fact the PPM signal is passed directly to the TX module.

NOTE #2: Because the PPM signal generated from the Taranis (slave) is transmitted directly out from the DX6i, you will need to tune the control sticks/switches to the craft.

commented Jul 22, 2018 by babipsylon
So wait, I shouldn't set any settings on the spektrum about expo and a switch for toggling e.g. air vs. angle mode, because this all has to be set on the slave taranis?
commented Jul 24, 2018 by babipsylon
I could make it work for one minute, then it failed. I think it has something to do with the sequence of powering on the taranis, dx6i, plugging in the cable on one of those, and toggling the bind button.
commented Jul 24, 2018 by babipsylon
Now it seems to work every time, weird, but thanks!

volgorde die werkte bij mij:

eerst taranis uit laten staan, dsc kabel instoppen
dan  spektrum opstarten op juiste model
dan kabel in spektrum steken
dan taranis opstarten op leopar_slave model met juiste instellingen ook voor ch5 en ch6
dan trainer switch spektrum togglen om controle te geven aan taranis